Laura Borg

"Twenty years ago I used to go out on the streets with another organisation. We would go and form relationships and hand out food and hot drinks. Those nights a few times a week for two years were some of the toughest and most rewarding of my life. I am sure the streets are not so different now, the same challenges exist and the homeless struggle to have a voice and be noticed. Thanks Anonymous X for being a voice for the homeless, for meeting people where they are at and offering a hand of friendship (and so much more). Be encouraged as you surround yourself with wonderful people who for whatever reason have found themselves on the streets, keep doing it all for them,                   it is evident how much they adore you all and how they appreciate you."

Sezen Yeshil

"I want to send a warm thank you on behalf of my network of friends and their friends to ANONYMOUS X for the amazing work they do . I sent a call out for warm socks and gloves and scarfs and got a fb page started and people just want to help . The amount of clothes that had rolled in is nothing without the team there giving their time to help those that need the support and compassion.                    Every face tells a story. You are all amazing."

Sean Anderson 

"Thank you Anonymous X. Keep uniting us one by one we become stronger with each day pass thank you for your sacrifice and bravery to stand up to the illuminate governments that hold us all back from realising we have the true power, not them. One day everyone will know the truth and not what       they have been told is truth. United we stand!!!"

Rachael Elle

"This association is wonderful I want to play a thank you with pictures of the bonds tops and pants I'm giving to city life and to people that are in need in my page thank you so much for them already been given out thanks again truly great-full."

Shannon Goodsell

"I've watched the work carried out by this organisation on Facebook and really admire its contribution to our community and the support it provides to the people living on our streets in Melbourne. Well done Anonymous X in your endeavours to Give Something Back!"

Amy Cater

"Incredible team were so generous with their time in organising pick up of donations. The effort and kindness in all that they do is gives you faith that there is good in the world and people really do care!! Unbelievable commitment! Thank you!"

Rob Stanley

Thankyou for letting us help you guys tonight. It was a huge blessing to see the way you give your time, your hearts and your love keeps on going. Praise God for all that you do."

Amy Bernadone

"You guys are amazing!! I'm so grateful to be able to participate in trying to help make a difference   and create change in this world."

Kori Hall

"You have restored some of my faith in humanity. Keep up with the great work.                               You're a massive role model and inspiration."

Mia Janette Husted Madsen

"Great to see a non religious organisation and people who are not about paying them selves large salaries to help people, keeping it real."

Jewel Dornin

"Not just a charity- an inspirational service to help people regain their dignity and                     validation of their existence."

Gavin Smith

"I was rapt with the support you guys gave me today. Comparing notes, swapping info, the blankets you gave me, later recycled in town. Thanks so much. You guys are awesome."