Anonymous X provides support for people experiencing homelessness in and around Melbourne, in addition to supporting those less fortunate. Anonymous X stands for the personal before the political, thereby we aim to raise awareness of the issues of homelessness and disadvantage by sharing (with permission) personal stories and experiences through our social media outlets, we also provide practical support through donations of toiletries, food items, clothes, toys and other essential items where possible.

Our work includes:

  • Outreach Assistance - we support the individual experiencing homelessness and disadvantage through the supply of clothes for men and women, children and babies, to essential items like toothbrush/toothpaste, non-perishable food, water, eating utensils, hand sanitiser, shampoo/conditioner swell as blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, kids toys etc…

  • Organisational Assistance – we work collectively with other small groups, non for profits and charitable organisations with similar organisational values as ours. Anonymous X has good working relationships with the homeless crisis support agencies and refuge accommodations in Melbourne and provide donations of essential items as requested on a regular basis directly to the agency.

  • Raising Awareness – Anonymous X contributes to a growing body of discussion around the issues of disadvantage. We contribute regularly to public forums, online blogs, newsletters, social media, talk back radio as well as accepting invitations to address the issues of disadvantage. At Anonymous X our focus is on the impact making a difference can have, and thereby inspiring people to follow our lead, this is a strategy which we have found results in maximum amount of engagement from people.

We promote via numerous social media outlets as well as many other methods we’ve found most effective (flyers, newspaper ads, brochures, radio interviews, school talks, camp visitsas wellas numerous blogging sites across the world helping to create more awareness for homelessness and what Anonymous X are doing to help make a difference.

‘It's not about us. It's about inspiring and helping other people’

Social media allows us to target and reach people from all walks of life and inform them about the rising rate of homelessness within Australia and what they can do to help.

On a daily basis we post pictures, movies, testimonials and anything else relative so our supporters can see for themselves the difference we are making and the changes we are creating. By documenting everything we do and sharing its across our social media accounts, helps make what we do and why we do it transparent, ultimately giving us the credibility and respect within the industry that we deserve.

We continuously promote how what most consider ‘the smaller things in life’ can actually make the biggest of differences to a person who is less fortunate.