Being part of the Anonymous X team, we feel that it’s important to know what we pride ourselves on commitment, loyalty, respect and trust. We believe these key elements are the foundation in which Anonymous X has built its success on.   

We genuinely care about another persons welfare. We sit and listen to their stories, get to know more about their journey and what led them to being homeless. We have a volunteers program which we run fortnightly called "X - Marks the Spot.” 

This is designed to give volunteers an opportunity to experience the cause they believe in first hand, helping to distribute all the amazing donations to as many individuals, groups, organisations, shelters as we possibly can. We have had this program running for about 3 months and have had around 150 different volunteers, and have developed a core group of leaders on the night. 

We build friendships with the people we assist on the streets and maintain ongoing relationships in some cases, where now some homeless people who volunteer their time to help sort through donation or hand out flyers. Building this rapport has allowed us into the hearts and minds of so many people, giving us a better understanding of what the real issues are within the homeless community, the most most effective ways we can provide assistance, whilst planning all the necessary steps we need to take, in order to reduce the rising rate of homelessness.

Anonymous X endeavour to go beyond the ‘temporary assistance’ we currently provide and have the ability to implement more ‘permanent solutions’ in order to #makeadifference for the homeless and less fortunate of Melbourne.


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